Issue 3.3

Silver Steeds Reined In

By Susan Dale

Eight o’clock, and the droves of kids that peeled in at six pm began thinning out. (more…)

Dad Says He Will Be Fine

By Kirsten Clodfelter

The pain is in Dad’s right side. I guess it gets so bad that it wakes him up in the middle of the night, because I scare him when he turns the corner from the dark hallway into the kitchen. (more…)

Summer Storm, Wupatki Ruins

By Katie Cappello

The light, first, goes dim

so gradually you don’t notice (more…)

Lupus Aquarius

By Katie Cappello

I try to tell her she can’t see a white wolf in the snow until it attacks. (more…)


By Katie Cappello

A room in Arizona with a window open

always smells the same—dust wishing to be wet. (more…)

Lucky Sevens

By Leslie McIntyre

The first thing we noticed was the fallen TV. (more…)


By David Kowalczyk

Like its Aunt Badinage,

it has the mind of winter. (more…)


By David Kowalczyk

This word is

an orphan

of the void. (more…)


By David Kowalczyk

This word lives

in a house made of shells. (more…)


By David Kowalczyk

This word instantly makes you

feel tired and hungry. (more…)