Issue 3.2

Blues from a Gun, Chapter 5: Accidents Will Happen

By Bryan Pedersen

I had to get away from Jenya, but I didn’t want to be alone yet. It was still early so I swung over to The Ellipses for a drink. A few sections of the day’s newspaper were at the end of the bar. I found the crossword puzzle inside and started in on it.


Escape Artist

By Witt Widhalm


the dark flowers best

By David McLean

the dark flowers best underneath these petals under the sun
for it is thence it spreads as the light goes
to wrap us in its night like an odor
sweet as desecration, as kisses stolen
from corpses,

The Importance of Hubcaps

By Linda McHenry

FRANK RARELY LET HIS WIFE get too far away. “Jo, where are you?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Whatcha’ doing?”

“Cleaning the mirror.”

“Why don’t you let the cleaning lady do that?”

“Because I want to do it, that’s why.”



By Tom Sheehan

My grandfather ran the city dump,
burned clinkers in a little house
he made of scrap. On cold nights drunks
slept in that makeshift haven.

Swimming Into Sunsets

By Pamela Biery

Maybe not such a good idea
to take a river dip just before sunset
when a breeze comes up,
leaving us looking at each other
like a couple of wet hounds
shivering in the sand. (more…)

On Letting Her Go

By Anthony Nannetti

You can hear the ocean

when I open my mouth. (more…)

Stranger to Myself

By Fredrick Zydek

I know a few of the ethnic cultures
that have contributed to my DNA. (more…)

Roy Brown and the Corpse of Manfred von Richtofen, April 22, 1918

By Blake Lynch

The coroner kicked the gurney out into the light,
and lowered the sheet to show the bastard beaten,
stripped without hope, and his lips ready to whistle
Blue Danube to the angels with blood still in his eyes. (more…)

It Only Feels Like Waking Up

By Kate LaDew


T HAS BEEN SOME TIME. It seems a long time. Pacing now. He has not looked at the papers on the desk. He has waited but it is hard not to wonder.