We consider ourselves a “cultural journal” as opposed to strictly literary. Partially this is because our content is not restricted to literary works, and partially because we think of the journal engaging with society. We imagine each issue as a bus traveling between destinations, with our contributors adding to the experience of the journey. Imagine the bus trip in the movie It Happened One Night, with characters and landscapes flying by like cinema.

This allows us to showcase your creativity and insight without restricting ourselves to a particular genre, media, or theme.  We aim to publish interesting, quality works, and every issue has a unique flavour.

Although our paper publishing days are gone for the time being, since July 2009 we’ve become a quarterly e-zine, allowing even more flexibility for our contributors.  This has also allowed each of the editors to take ownership of one issue per year, acting as the chief editor (or über-editor) for a particular issue.

Created in 2006 by Leif Milliken and Mike Moore, Forge has been published since Winter 2007.  Melissa Wolfe was brought in as a third editor in 2008. We have had a number of other editors on staff in the past, but our current lineup is Leif and Melissa as General Editors, and Tim McLafferty providing artwork and editing poetry.

Contact: forgejournal@gmail.com