Issue 12.3

Welcome to, the online iteration of Forge.

Nunc lego qui nunc scribunt – I read now those who write now

-Robert of Cricklade

Welcome to issue 12.3 of Forge!

Read the first issue of 2019 right here, or pick up a hard copy to enjoy unplugged.

~Melissa Venables

Forge 12.3

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Corey Lynn Fayman: The Old Monsters Bar

Marcelle Thiébaux: Unnatural, Wicked

Matthew Wallace: Rupert and the Thimble Warriors: A Tale of the Famous Rabbit of Uncommonly Good Sense

Trevy Thomas: Number 401

J David Liss: The Golden Sea, and Silver


Simon Perchik: 12 Poems—Winter 2019

Jeanine Stevens: Self Portrait: AssemblageRocket ManBetween Manhattan and the SeaTiny Sun, Large FlowerFaculty Off-Site: Folsom Prison

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