By Edward Butscher

I will it still in absentia

with the cowardice of a poet

caged by rag flesh and glass bone

when it scratches a frenzied alphabet

against the porch corner’s cell walls:


the final quivers and glazed stare

of a feathered and beaked creature

dumped into this twilight life

from a teacup of darkness


only to be slashed back home

without ever growing large

enough to mother another


or streak through sun blasts

to snatch a briefer butterfly

from its immense mission.


Poet, critic, and literary biographer, Edward Butscher resides with his wife, Paula Trachtman, in Greenport, Long Island. His poetry and essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies since 1976. Collections of his poetry include Poems About SilenceAmagansett Cycle, and Child in the House. His biography Sylvia Path: Method and Madness, was the first of that poet, and Conrad Aiken: Poet of White Horse Vale won the Melville Kane Award from the Poetry Society of America.

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