Summer Radiator

By Mark Belair

The cloud-softened summer sun
bathes an old black radiator, one
cool to the touch, its heat
on hiatus, each
arched, filigreed radiant
in the round-shouldered attention
of choristers in a cast-iron choir, a choir
holding silent
until fall, one night, arrives
with the chill
of a strict choirmaster
to conduct its conduction
back to blasting, soul-warming life.



Mark Belair’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Alabama Literary Review, Atlanta Review, The Cincinnati Review, Harvard Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Poetry East and The South Carolina Review. His latest collection is Watching Ourselves (Unsolicited Press, 2017). Previous collections include Breathing Room (Aldrich Press, 2015); Night Watch (Finishing Line Press, 2013); While We’re Waiting (Aldrich Press, 2013); and Walk With Me (Parallel Press of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2012). He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize multiple times. Please visit

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