Novel T

By Eric Greinke

The  toughest task was  keeping tabs  on Tom.
In  his  tight, Teutonic tunic,  his breath tainted
by  tabasco,  Tom   blended  in  like  a   broken
thumb.   Nothing  was  taboo  in  Tom’s  tablet.
He  put  it  on the  table, technically.  But when
the  table  talk  started,  Tom  became  taciturn.
He’d say he thought that type of talk was tacky.
He  was  frequently  tactless.   Or,  it could have
been  another  of his tactics,  tenacious  as cold


We tagged along, all the way to Tahiti and back
to  Toledo,  until the  whole  thing  became too



Eric Greinke has been active on the literary scene for fifty years as a poet, publisher of over one hundred of his peers, collaborator with other poets, book reviewer and essayist.  In between, he wrote a fishing book, a funny service novel and a book that solves all the problems in the world.  He is a Contributing Writer for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and has new work coming in Cape Rock Poetry, Freshwater Journal, Gargoyle, Lake Effect, Lilipoh, Paterson Literary Review, Plainsongs and Trajectory.    New book: Masterplan – Collaborative Poems (with Alison Stone).

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