John The Booster

By Eric Greinke

John arose from his booster-seat & went up to
the bar.   He ordered a booster-shot.   Then, he
went  shoplifting  in  a  jon-boat.   He  brought
some  johnny-cake  along  for  a  snack.    After
that,  John  went  home  &  watched  television
through  a  booster-cable.     A  show  about   a
robbery  gave  him  a  boost.    He  went  to the
john.  Still later, he hired a hooker.



Eric Greinke has been active on the literary scene for fifty years as a poet, publisher of over one hundred of his peers, collaborator with other poets, book reviewer and essayist.  In between, he wrote a fishing book, a funny service novel and a book that solves all the problems in the world.  He is a Contributing Writer for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and has new work coming in Cape Rock Poetry, Freshwater Journal, Gargoyle, Lake Effect, Lilipoh, Paterson Literary Review, Plainsongs and Trajectory.    New book: Masterplan – Collaborative Poems (with Alison Stone).

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