By Eric Greinke

Prince Chuck stood at the entrance

To the St. Larry River.  He thought

Of his parents, Queen Liz & Phil,

Who were on informal vacation

In Flo, Italy.


Later, back in London, things returned

To normal.  The avenues

Were pockmarked with charles-holes,

& so he sent a harry of his hair

To an electric fan.


He just couldn’t get the henry of it.

The whole thing was gerald-rigged.

He wanted to be completely francis.

Then, in ernie, they threatened to susan.

There was no time to robert & weave,


No time for thomasfoolery,

No time for patricks on the head,

No time to go to the jonathan.

It was like something he eight

Was too richard for him.



Eric Greinke has been active on the literary scene for fifty years as a poet, publisher of over one hundred of his peers, collaborator with other poets, book reviewer and essayist.  In between, he wrote a fishing book, a funny service novel and a book that solves all the problems in the world.  He is a Contributing Writer for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and has new work coming in Cape Rock Poetry, Freshwater Journal, Gargoyle, Lake Effect, Lilipoh, Paterson Literary Review, Plainsongs and Trajectory.    New book: Masterplan – Collaborative Poems (with Alison Stone).

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