The Osiris Poems by Simon Perchik

boxofchalk press is proud to announce our premier publication: Simon Perchik’s The Osiris Poems, 1993 – 2016.

At 93, Simon Perchik is one of America’s living treasures; solving the problem of subject and rejecting narrative, while retaining his vernacular, sound, and beat, he invents a truly original verse, both abstract and deeply personal: these are poems that reach our inner-mind and draw us back again and yet again.

“Simon Perchik’s extraordinary lyric talent is one of the best kept secrets in contemporary American poetry… surreal leaps orchestrate very personal material into archetypal configurations that approach transcendence.” —Edward Butscher, Confrontation 

“Perchik is the most widely published unknown poet in America… Often dense, often difficult, Perchik’s poems nevertheless lead to strange, unanticipated conclusions that usually reward the pursuit.” —Library Journal 

“Let others jockey for position. Perchik’s poems are obdurant and honest and will reach those who need them most.” —James Tate

First Craft Interview with Simon Perchik

Second Craft Interview with Simon Perchik

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