Issue 10.4

Welcome to, the online iteration of Forge.

Nunc lego qui nunc scribunt – I read now those who write now

-Robert of Cricklade

The Spring 2017 issue of Forge is here for your reading enjoyment.

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~Leif Milliken

Uber-editor, Forge 10.4

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Barbara Mujica: Green Eyes
Townsend Walker: The Talon’s Grip
Eric Rasmussen: Everyone Must Do Great Things


Andrea Moorhead: Over the Bay / Beside the Emptiness / Winter Camps
Dave Nielsen: How To
Susan Tepper: Meditations on dear Petrov
Jeanine Stevens: Frenzy / Hand on the Hilt of His Short Sword
Simon Perchik: Ten Poems—Spring 2017
Linda Neal: August 2: Homage / Cloudy as Absinthe


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