By Eric Greinke

The snow is gone for another year.

You take down the bird feeders.

As soon as you leave

four blue jay brothers blow in.

Not finding what they want,

they fly off, sudden as they arrived,

squawking their war cries.

A red squirrel skitters by,

snags a stray sunflower seed,

& retreats up the trunk

of a maternal white pine.

Last, the sparrows arrive.

They’re hungry, & they settle

down to scratch & search.

I keep my eye on them, when I can.




Eric Greinke’s work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, most recently Gargoyle, Main Street Rag, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Poem, The Aurorean, and Forge.  He has collaborated extensively with other poets, and is working on a book about it, to be titled In the 3rd Person.  Three of his essays appear in the soon to be published anthology Poetry

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