Passing Through

By Christopher Kuhl

Hannah moves


At her own pace


In her house

With three cats

On Hunter Lane. A wasp


Crawls on an inside window;

She captures it with a can and a lid

And releases it out the front door,


As though bidding farewell

To an honored guest.


The air cools.


Hannah gets a glass of wine;

Clouds amass, gray,

Steady. She hears


Her neighbor outside

On the gravel road, skidding

Into his driveway.


The wind rises,


And it starts to rain.



                                                                                                                        Blount County, Tennessee

                                                                                                                        July 2015



Christopher Kuhl credits his father with his love of language. (“What’s big and red and eats rocks? A big red rock-eater.” Or a little less metaphysical: “Not a bunch, a cow herd. What do I care about what a cow heard? I have no secrets from a cow.”) He has published extensively in both on-line and print journals. By nature a poet, Christopher also writes the occasional piece of short fiction. His story, “Wade,” won Editor’s Choice for Fiction in Inscape Magazine 2016, and earned him a nomination for the Pushcart Prize 2017. Varied in form, tone, and subject, Christopher’s writings explore the human and natural world as perceived by all his senses, which he feels driven to share with and through his readers.

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