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Nunc lego qui nunc scribunt – I read now those who write now

-Robert of Cricklade

The Fall 2016 issue of Forge is here!  Grab yourself a hot chocolate, get comfortable, and take a look to see what’s inside.

If you prefer paper to pixels, you can order a hard copy online.


~Melissa Venables

Uber-editor, Forge 10.2




DA Cairns: The Death of Isaac

Richard Key: How to Stay Healthy

Cassie Title: Reviving Ophelia

James Valvis: The Misfit on the Island of Misfit Toys



Christopher Kuhl: Passing Through

Rachel Mehl: Self Portrait as a John Hughes Extra

Charles O’Hay: The Dolls of Palomar after Italo Calvino | Inside Josh

Simon Perchik: 15 Poems — Fall 2016

Alison Stone: Morning Ghazal


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