# 6

By Anselm Parlatore

                                       The most erotic poem in English is “Paradise Lost”

                                                       Donald Hall  “Thank you Thank you”


                                       The dark unbottomed infinite abyss

                                                       John Milton  “Paradise Lost”



Hydra slithering across the south

tail clearing southeast horizon after

midnight, the bog’s glistening oracle

lighting lust’s archaeological pits


& the dry horns of hollyhock,

the tchotchkes of dwindling memory

casting shadows across the remains

notorious, infamous for their dark attraction.



So. This is all that’s left? Grim

the orgasms seeking musky innovation

perhaps from that bog, the pits, the abyss,

abandoned wells, cellar holes. The grief.


& those haunting, black hollyhocks once

velvety now a rage at their shriveled beauty

their enduring scat, their humiliating sex

phantoms for shame, disgrace & love.




These poems from a sequence entitled “The Kingston Abstracts”

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