# 4

By Anselm Parlatore

                                            Lyricism is the ethics of language

                                                                  Joseph Brodsky



Capacious the occult resemblances

distended metaphors & similes

Jesuitical in softly ransacking

all the aberrations, the abrogations


an evasion of the pathogenic ensembles

& tethering, private transcriptions,

of all the niche algorithms, gleaming

vesicles in the vortices, globular clusters



a discordia concors for a dawn song

or an elegy, a mimicking of all

that went before, a long ago streaming

through the night, the dream’s refrain.


This, then is the awaited salvation,

the wound’s balm, the obligation,

each word impetuous, redemptive,

lovelier than all the others in its concealment.




These poems from a sequence entitled “The Kingston Abstracts”

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