# 3

By Anselm Parlatore

                               …………’Twould calm me could I clasp

                               Shricking Bacchantes…

                                       George Meredith  “Modern Love”  XXXII



Wavering shapes of the phantasmagoric

& the orgiastic, paeans to the immense,

the coalesced & braided sacraments,

verdant sanctums of shaded inlets


where many fragmentary forays began.

At the seams, traces of old sutures

in cataracts, crags, a welcomed stasis,

an oscillation in the elusive covalency.



Such was the metamorphosis, specters

of all the frameworks & templates,

the ancient molecular scaffolds, of all

remote, catalyzed, reductive relays


& ineffable, the nymphs, sphinxes,

sirens & homunculi together in this shade,

boughs of delight under beautiful spires

so enigmatic. So satisfying. So lovely.




These poems from a sequence entitled “The Kingston Abstracts”

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