# 11

By Anselm Parlatore

                                   These nebulous brilliancies in the smallest look

                                   Of the being’s deepest darling, we forego

                                   Lament, willingly forfeit the ai-ai

                                              Wallace Stevens  “Esthétique duMal”



Chimes of the dappled solitude

attuned to a silent vigil, tairns

& crags for the eddying, gentle grief

along the clinging curvature, solace


beholding the inanimate, the luminous

all discordant & habitual, mourning

the dark ravishments, timorous

trances, the deepest shudders.



For this the dreamy visitations,

the blameless awe, the excesses

memorable & wise, untold

but sorrowful, stifling, awaited.


& what remains, slowly trickling gleams

of all the resemblances, hues

brilliant in moonlight, far into the cavern’s

vaulted, smooth recesses, the dilated orb.




These poems from a sequence entitled “The Kingston Abstracts”

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