King Grossman: White As Snow

Will Huberdeau: Can I Have Your Hat?

Megan Paske: Unrequited Nicotine

Jilly Pretzel: 8:30 to the City

Janice Westerling: In Sheep’s Clothing


Forge Interview with Eric Greinke


Eric Greinke: A New Day | Shorelines | Angels Of Death | Buds | White Duck Cult | The Climb | Concrete | The Search | Still Here | Lifelines | The Wind | November Nights

Morgan Bazilian: Skype

Mark Belair: The Trinket | Winter Sky | By the Natural History Museum | Still Life with Chair and Fan | Bus Driver

Len Krisak: Note on Lord Acton

Simon Perchik: 5 Poems — January 2016

Alice Pettway: Genetics

Patty Dickson Pieczka: Transparency of the Older Woman | Under an Electron Microscope

Alison Stone & Eric Greinke: Solved | Fall | Peanuts | After The Freeze


Denny E Marshall: Walk the Talk

Bill Wolak: Starting Over

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