The Fall 2015 issue of Forge is now available. This issue’s Forge Interview subject is poet and author Lyn Lifshin.

As a special treat for this issue, we present a choice of covers for our paper edition which we have dubbed “moss” and “gnarly.” Same goodness inside two different crunchy candy shells.


~Leif Milliken

Uber-editor, Forge 9.2



Nancy Bourne: Not a Word

Patricia Livermore: Lady Wolfsbane

Mark Ali: Let the Trumpets Blow

Ron Riekki: I Asked My Son What He Wanted to Be When He Grew Up and He Said, “The Eiffel Tower”

Doris Ferleger: Washing You


Forge Interview with Lyn Lifshin


Lyn Lifshin: Bad Dreams | I Think of Her As Amelia | Out of the City and Down to the Seaside | California | For the Roses | Reading Song to a Sea Gull | Night in the City | Coyote | Michael from the Mountains | Let the Wind Carry Me | Tin Angel | All I Want

Diane DeCillis: In the Garden of the Universe

Eric Greinke: In Our Eyes | In Tree Light | Overnight | Recurrent Dreams | Wings

Eileen Hennessy: Festival, Pompeii

Glenna Luschei and Eric Greinke: Lone Bones

William Miller: Thoreau’s Laundry

Simon Perchik: 12 Poems—Fall 2015

Alison Stone: Rope | The Story | Eurydice to Orpheus


Carolyn Adams: Cobble Beach | Stairs—Yaquini Head Lighthouse, Oregon | Yaquina Bay Bridge, Oregon

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