MH Burkett: Sleeping Dogs

Vivian Witkind Davis: Autography

Phyllis Dunham: In the Flood’s Wake

DF Huettner: Walking on Tippy Toes

Michael C Keith: Adjusting

Blake Kilgore: Something Great and Lofty

Laurie King Billman: Car Wreck

Fernando Manibog: Sunrise on the 4th of July

Andrew Marvin: Discontents

Susan Phillips: Party Girl

Enzo Scavone: To the Manhattan Bridge

Kim Venkataraman: Making Your Way


Forge Interview with Simon Perchik


Edward Butscher: Sweet William’s Conceit | Nursing Home | Aubade

Abby Caplin: Dog Path at Fort Funston, San Francisco

Douglas Collura: Five Ways of Dealing with a Pregnant Woman on the Subway

Fred Dale: Oxbow Lakes | Kids Run the Bases

Rona Figueroa: subterranean intellectual goings on

Nancy Hightower: Creation | Legion | My Mother’s Madness

Lyn Lifshin: On a Morning After We Only Slide Past Each Other in the Room of Young Babes | When I Lose the Envelope of What Matters | “In the Violet Hour” on a Page, Maybe in a Poetry Book Someone Was Reading on the Metro | After Too Many Nights Drugged | “Never,” Someone on TV Says “Compete Against 25 Year Olds” | Like Falling Madly in Lust When Just Hearing a Death Sentence

Simon Perchik: 12 Poems–Summer 2015

Alison Stone and Eric Greinke: On Call | Wanderlust

Martin Tucker: A Memorial Day | Provenance | A Call to Arms | Café Amadoure, Sarasota


Rebecca Oet: Russet

Adel Souto: Alone

David J Thompson: Georgia | Clarksdale

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