subterranean intellectual goings on

By Rona Figueroa

a long ride up but I like to walk on the left passing

standers on the right

eye line takes in the winter shoe collection, snowing today

a man’s pair of hefty ankle boots take some space

more than the usual 2 steps he takes 3

one in the middle without a shoe the math is two across three

steps on this rush hour escalator

(greedy bastard) must be tall

following his pant lines up as I ascend I see

he’s created a table top with his left thigh propping a thick book

he reads

on the way up to the sidewalk



Rona Figueroa has a degree in Fine Arts, a resume with Broadway musicals and TV shows, blogs about subway shenanigans and has done time as an administrative assistant. She has lived in NYC for over 20 years.


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