By Nancy Hightower

I am the funny man

I am the sad man

I am the face

with a thousand voices.


My laughter fuels the sun,

hews the moon into teardrops.

This world, a stage where

the funny man jokes

and the mad man rages. Neither

can be chained in their delirious glory.


I am the naked man

with a grin as wide as the sky,

the haunted man with a tomb-dark heart.

The village priest tries to divine

my name; the country doctor

wants me to try the pink pill.

I take it, crawl out once more

onto the rocks, into the spotlight.

Below, the herds gather.



Nancy Hightower has published short fiction and poetry in journals such as storySouth, Gargoyle, Prick of the Spindle, and Word RiotKinds of Leaving, her short story collection currently under submission, was shortlisted for the Flann O’Brien Award for Innovative Fiction in 2014. Currently, she reviews science fiction and fantasy for The Washington Post and was featured in the 100 Top Creatives feature in Paul Miller’s Origin Magazine. This summer Port Yonder Press will publish The Acolyte, her first book of poetry.

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