Issue 8.4



Adam Cogbill: The Bet

Kori Frazier Morgan: The Girl from Chippewa Lake (1980)

Pete Able: Dinner Date

Allyson West Lewis: Slipping

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger: A Rug, a Piano, a Quilt, a Voice

Paul Handley: Straight Write

Michael Davis: The Forbidden City


Forge Interview with Jeanine Stevens


Jeanine Stevens: In Istanbul | A Soft Garden | In the Sierras with Rumi | Prayer Rug Ghazal | Frond Ghazal | Petition | Stars of the Summer Triangle | In the Cave of Ice | Brief Immensity | In Tarsus | Tree of Wooden Clogs | Raw Forms

Elizabeth Hoover: Club News | Tenth Avenue Art Club

Tyler Kline: Colt | Hometown

Anselm Parlatore: #16

Simon Perchik: 12 Poems—Spring 2015

Guy Thorvaldsen: How Hard

Alison Stone: Tether | Perimenopause


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