Stars of the Summer Triangle

By Jeanine Stevens

Writing on the patio

of a small café,

crushed cumin from the kitchen


makes my mind wander

to thoughts of you: you, finely tuned,


muscular, deep brown

eyes under graying brows.


(Has it been long? A month? A year?)


The iron chair I sit on is raspy

with rust. Sharp edges dig


against my leg, slightly painful

but necessary to aging.


I’m thinking this was good,

this transitory infatuation.


Samosas arrive: steaming

with another sauce, darker,

tangy, Tangiers.


Jeanine Stevens studied poetry at U.C. Davis, and has an M.A. in Anthropology. Winner of the MacGuffin Poet Hunt and one of two finalists for the William Stafford Prize. Author of Sailing on Milkweed, her latest chapbook is “Needle in the Sea,” from Tiger’s Eye Press. Poems have appeared in Poet LoreEvansville ReviewPearlNorth Dakota ReviewPerfume RiverAlehouse and Quercus Review.

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