In the Cave of Ice

By Jeanine Stevens

Beneath the soft landscape of Alsace

we live these long winter days

where the grotto lays frozen

and light is wanting.


Such is the image,

the thing we search

for hunkered down in the cold

beneath unuttered words.


We speak to an ancient puppet

whose strings once

bright and taut, now tangle

under a faded face.


Those marbled eyes, once clear

gazed at us freely on another night.


We take the crimson shreds

we came for.

It was good to enter here.


A Variation After Eugène Guillevic


Jeanine Stevens studied poetry at U.C. Davis, and has an M.A. in Anthropology. Winner of the MacGuffin Poet Hunt and one of two finalists for the William Stafford Prize. Author of Sailing on Milkweed, her latest chapbook is “Needle in the Sea,” from Tiger’s Eye Press. Poems have appeared in Poet LoreEvansville ReviewPearlNorth Dakota ReviewPerfume RiverAlehouse and Quercus Review.

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