Club News

By Elizabeth Hoover

A dusty blossom in the left of a photo mosaic,

the guys at the Club loved it. They were crazy

about my “portrait of fragments”—a bit archaic.

Prevailing aesthetic was anti-narrative, a burly

concept but I was in on it—it got me shows,

cigars, quips with Newman, Guston and the boys.

We were giving representation the heave-hoe

making our art modern, inventing strategies to employ.

It had to do with a novel way of seeing,

responding to the chaos around us:

the machine, the city, the war. Surviving

by adapting, doing what the world does.


In all my pictures I saw the arc and trace of story

and why not? Why not sing praise to the ordinary.


Elizabeth Hoover is a writer who enjoys working on projects that have a conceptual or research element. “Club News” and “Tenth Avenue Art Club” are from The Enterprise of Seeing, a series of poems on the work of photographer Saul Leiter. A portion of that project was awarded StoryQuarterly’s essay prize, judged by Maggie Nelson. Her poetry has appeared in PankThe Los Angeles Review, and Folio. You can see more of her work at

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