In time of war

By Catherine Gonick

the women’s houses of

the men at war

expose their throats to the sky


like baby birds


ecstasies of fear and hatred


inside the houses

the vanished

women and children


whiten their souls as

life goes

on until the houses


blow or

the war finally getting tired

of undying


puts everyone to sleep

awhile in peace

like a far-off forgotten lover


Catherine Gonick’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Boston Review, Pivot, Crack the SpineGinosko, Word RiotAmarillo BaySukoon. and Soul-Lit. She won the Ina Coolbrith Memorial Prize for Poetry and was a finalist in the National Ten-Minute Play Contest with the Actors Theatre of Louisville. As part of a startup company that turns organic waste into clean energy, she divides her time between New York and California.

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