Coming Home

By Sara Toruño-Conley

A moment between

the counting of taps on the door knob

to the afterthought of what might happen to a loved one:


to live with this is daily conviction,

wishing for an elephant’s soul,


to be beautiful as the townhomes stacked

like a matchbox of little cubes, salt water

on the tips of our land.


Does it matter you’ve died in a fire miles away,

yet I can’t stop turning the knob?


As much as we starve ourselves,

we carve so carefully the meat into unequal parts.


Sara Toruño-Conley teaches English at Los Medanos College and lives in San Francisco.  She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside, and grew up in the high desert of southern California.  Her poetry has appeared in some of the following publications: Contraposition, The Café ReviewFound: Fiction and Poetry Anthology (Wordrunner eChapbooks anthology), Modoc Independent News (April 2009’s Surprise Valley Poetry winner), The Common Line Project (honorable mention), Eclectica, Ginosko, Temenos, and Monday Night.

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