Issue 4.2



Joseph Modugno: Noman

M.T. Kosub: Naked and Famous

Bryan Pedersen: Blues from a Gun, Chapter Eight: Pink Moon

Katie Berger: Marching into the Sun



John Popielaski: The Dead Frog Circus, 1927

Clyde Kessler: The Old Way of Clearing Land

R.S. Carlson: After a Hard Day in a Noisy Shop [To the hairdresser who admits to moonlighting] 

Chris Crittendon: Spider

Mike Berger: Dirty Deed | Extra Baggage

Anne Babson: Recitative: Unto which of the Angels Said He at any Time

Amanda Lee Baldi: Tender, My Tinder

Kaitlin MacKenzie: Ex Nihilo

Kimberly A. Morris: Raising Sons

Emmanuel Jakpa: Imprint

Henry Sosnowski: Today, but not Today

Eddie Swayze: Brown Liquid

Ron Yazinski: Pragmatism

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