Issue 4.1



Tad Crawford: The Kindness of Strangers

Brian Seemann: The Woman at the Corner

Mike Sauve: Strange Humanities

John Richmond: All That It Would Take

Christine Hennessey: The Storm

Rick Fellinger: Bottled

Nick Sweet: Black Slave Writes from Asylum

Sean Jackson: Not Even Jail

Sam Snoek-Brown: A Smooth, Clean Cut

Terry Sanville: Jus Talkin

Bryan Pedersen: Blues from a Gun, Chapter 7

Grant Anderson: The Bones of Knight Harris, Chapter 6



Kevin Del Principe: Ugly Organ Crows| The Innocence of Dreams | God’s Finger | True Ghosts

Peycho Kanev: Sad song

Satnrose: The Very Last Moments of Lao Tzu

David Lucas: False Masks | Just Know and Realize

Kory M. Shrum: One Size Fits All

Charles Springer: Night to Remember | Hand to Hand | Peninsulaville

Dave Malone: Frappuccino Love!

Gary Beck: Trend | Surf’s Down

Tom Snee: I Will Still Be There

Steve Klepetar: Phone Call at Three A.M.

Justin Hamm: Stars Will Crunch Underfoot Like Autumn Leaves | meander

Craig Arnold: Caterpillar

Michael Reilly: Accidental Scrapbook | What Goes On Here


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