Issue 3.3



Kristen Clodfelter: Dad Says He Will Be Fine

Leslie McIntyre: Lucky Sevens

Marc Elias Keller: So Much Space

Witt Widhalm: Dragons

Susan Dale: Silver Steeds Reined In

John Ladd: A Difference in Taste – A Play in One Act






Katie Cappello: Summer Storm, Wupatki Ruins | Lupus Aquarius | Communion

David Kowalczyk: Hylozoistic | Ignominius | Illecebrous | Impecunious | Inaniloquent

KJ Hays: Visiting Hour Foofaraw

David Brennan: Self-Recovery | No Color Here | Fancy Digs

Clay Carpenter: Cicadas | Bank

Daniel Romo: You and Me


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