Issue 3.1



Katie Berger: The Great Chicago Fire

Zenobia Rose Love: Addiction

Karen Carlson: Green

Grant Anderson: The Bones of Knight Harris, Chapter 4

Stewart Smith: Sitting the Death Watch

Jim Meirose: The Steel Doored Room

Tristan D’Agosta: Richard Wagner Recontextualized – Letters to and from Aleppo Spontini

Michael C. Keith: How to Kill Yourself

CD Mitchell: The Execution

Brant Goble: Devil Went Down to Georgia

Mary Creech Gulledge: Honey, You’ll Be Wanting My Autograph

Joseph Modugno: The Butcher’s Boy

Maria Pavlova: Sarah and the Enchanted Forest

Bryan Pedersen: Blues from the Gun, Chapter 4

John Riebow: The Precious Thing

Ron Tanner: He Wants it Back

J.A. Tyler: & (fourteen)

Witt Widhalm: Wizards

Taylor Kendrick: Locket


Elisabeth Melander: Erin’s Castle, Chapter Three (Continued from Issue 2.2)


Gale Acuff: Dual Identity

William Aarnes: business | homewrecker | payload

Kristine Ong Muslim: Night Shift

Jeff Lakusta: The Tears Subside

Janet Butler: Perigee | adrift 

Holly Day: Zucchini | I Knew She Loved Me

Luca Penne: Cybernetic Pornography Café | Emptying the Boxes


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