Kristine Zeigler: The Parable of the Pupfish

Louise Turan: Tourist Season

Ron Torrence: At the Center

Alan Swyer: Funny Man

James Stark: The Immigrant

Frank Scozzari: The Happy Mule

Jonathan H Scott: Into the Breakers

RM Schmidt: Brothers

Kamaria Romeo: Study Session

Michael Moreschi, Jr: The Shiny Star

Patrick Mathiasen: Judas

Vivian Lawry: World Enough and Time

Jordan S Laird: Once Upon a Snow Storm

Mike Koenig: Where was my Winnie Cooper?

Tom Joyce: A Man and a Woman in a Train Station

Tammye Huf: Pursuing a Greater Happiness

Lou Gaglia: Wannabes

Lee Foust: With Paul at the Beach

Janet Flora: Belongings

Cooper Feste: The Sandman

Ann Anderson Evans: Damn Yankee

Jacqueline Doyle: Heart Trouble

Thais Derich: I Walk Alone

Arthur Davis: Fallen Angels

Chris Crabtree: Moonliner

Maryam Chahine: The Ghost of My Ancestors

DA Cairns: Yesterday’s Theif

Max Bakke: The Ring Jar

Raymond Abbott: Al


Simon Perchik: Magic, Illusion and Other Realities


John Meyers:  6th Avenue Towers, New York City | Gargoyle, New York City | Hallway, St Louis | Midtown, New York City | Old Courthouse Stairs, St Louis | Stairs, Venice, 2012 | Stone Eagle, New York City | Tree, Key West

Paul Handley: Judge | Monk



Interview with Alison Stone



Will Walker: Short Story

Stephanie Valente: Atmosphere

Alison Stone: Frozen | As Though You Owned That Time | Wife’s Ghazal | First Pomegranate |Blues Café | Friendly Floatees | Slowly, Dangerous

Roger Soffer: Tahara

Saudamini Siegrist: Bacco-Lungarno Cellini | Alma | Secret

Michael Pendragon: Tall-Masted Ships

Suzanne O’Connell: A Girl Drowning

BZ Niditch: Thinking Jazz | Living to Tell

Wulf Losee: Waterlines

Vicky Lettmann: The Remorse of Herod

Mike Jurkovic: My Meeting with Vonnegut

Lynn Hoggard: Stage 4 Drought, North Texas

Nancy Hightower: findings | Gethsemane | doppelganger: | Eve

M Krockmalnik Grabois: Tuna

Shawna Ervin: A Stagehand | To Float

Jean Charles Dicharry: Our Flakes of Humanity

Fred Dale: Donation | Marriage House | We Are Moss | Agnes in the Flood

Douglas Collura: The Manhole Cover on Its Ability to Provide


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