By Edward Butscher

Wonder if you recognized me, waving

at you from atop our high German wheels

as the Sunday morning swells of shore light

swept Stevens from his Depression dump site.


Two aging lady artists hiking by the sea

above naked dunes and sordid grassy

clumps, evoking, via a lyrical construct,

a tall, elegant girl in the gym, strutting


her shapely form and beauty, bound breasts

and thighs muscling up self-consciousness

as if performing solely for the voyeur eyes

of an old poet sprawled across his ashy sky.


Hospital dreams compel dusk redactions

in cold pursuit of a bleeding abstraction.



Edward Butscher is the author of first biographies of Sylvia Plath and Conrad Aiken, as well as shorter books on Adelaide Crapsey and Peter Wild, much criticism, and several books of poems, most recently, Eros Descending.

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