# 45

By Anselm Parlatore

…there is in nature a superfluidity, an excess of
—Anthony Hecht  “On the Methods and Ambitions of Poetry”




The embedded carbonaceous, cytoplasmic flows,

steelhead finning up this shimmering river,

a warp in the dark gilt of all the vacuoles

& quasiparticles as they slowly dissipate

into vanishing hierarchies, ensembles


you walking along a windy trail above a precipice

or on your deserted, high logging road

where you always go when hurt or angered,

your shawl tightly wrapped around your shoulders,

an avalanche amplified deep in these mountains,

or often a black sail past a looming headland in the mist

a promontory under which all your amulets

& talismanic mementos are to be buried.




So be it: there will be precursors in the phials,

the Immaculata of the groined & dark basilica

awaiting us, catalytic triads along each & every

metabolic pathway, a variegated half-life

of palladium & other discrete pathogenicities

for us to share, fear in the lucid altitudes

of our everlasting courtship, marriage, after it all.



Anselm Parlatore studied creative writing @ Cornell & Dartmouth & edited Granite & Bluefish magazines. He has taught in “Poetry in the Schools Program” in NH & in NY. He has published over a dozen volumes of poetry & has published work in many magazines. He lives in Washington.

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