Our Flakes of Humanity

By Jean Charles Dicharry

Exists only one word
it is repeated relentlessly
yet changing its shape
with each of its appearances.
Before it being conceived
it mutates—how mystifying—
because before birth it wasn’t,
and since then it is no more.
Yes this word expresses all—
remember—it comes from a questioning.
It wishes to be an answer—
and, like any answer, it fails
because it is fragmented
and so cannot reply to the question.

The state of things—
existence—is a fact—
hence it is the question—
hence the word—
and so the only yet failed answer.
So writing is useless
if not to erect cathedrals
to celebrate the unanswered question.
We grasp nothing.
We are content loving temples
and celebrations,
hoping to find some proximity
with what has not been
and will never be told.



Self-taught bilingual visual artist. Paris (70’s) – teaching children through play the art of automatic writing and collages (textual as well as visual). Amsterdam (70’s – 80’s) – performances combining poetry, projected slides and painting with the medium of dancers and mimes. New York (80’s – 90’s) – large scale frescoes in international residences. New York – Paris (2000 – 2010) – digital creations for installation projects.
Paris (10’s) – putting into words all that imagery. http://www.jean-charles-dicharry.com

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