Bart Bultman: From a Distance

Jamal Michel: The Right One for the Job

Paul Dickey: Trying to Love Your Enemies

Judith Goode: Driving a Bus

Joel Youngblood: The Last Noble Heathen



Interview with Edward Butscher



Edward Butscher: Heart / Hangover / Godfrey’s Last Sonnet / Pigeons / Punctuation / Skeleton Key / Trope / Wonderland / Zeno / Zero

Wendy Galgan: 1968 / Tiger Cages / Reading Elizabeth Bishop / To Endure Life / Slower Than Before / Prayer For My Sister

Ricky Garni: Coffee

Kim Suttell: Make Haste to Deliver Me

Tim Cremin: Mr Beach

Abigail Warren: Late Wife

Alison Stone: Who Would’ve Thought / Another Word Not to Use in a Poem / Four Poems

Eileen Hennessey: Markers

Lisa Vihos: Love Letter for

Vincent / This Particular Heaven

Kathy Cotton: Storm Songs

John Grey: State of Leaving

Simon Perchik: Seven Poems

Patsy Kisner: The Mouse

Gale Acuff: Pink Gums

Susan E. Wheatley: Sea Level

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