A Stagehand

By Shawna Ervin

Inspired by “A Traveler” by Denise Levertov


If it’s an act or truth,

I’ll take truth.

I like the flamboyant cheers after the act,

the large audiences, the fame

always one step in

front, too far away

but I want to live

in honesty, real

and be content with backstage

lights and ropes.

I don’t want to

be stuck in suspense, callbacks,

makeup, cuts, chorus. I want

to step away from animation.

I’ll risk

the meek truth.



Shawna is a former journalist, who now stays home with two preschoolers. She is an active member of Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver where she is involved in a two-year mentoring program called the Book Project. She is working on a memoir about adopting her kids from South Korea. Her work has also been published by The Diverse Arts Project and Love Me, Love My Belly.

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