By Alison Stone

Decide the doctor’s a liar.

Decide prayer heals. Rant

against God when it doesn’t. Trim

hope to the bone. Leave nothing for later.

Wonder who will lament

when the weather erases your name.


Wander the forest of your past. Mail

cards to everyone you’ve loved, a trail

of words like breadcrumbs. Let each line

say what you always meant.

Get it right this time.


Alison Stone is the author of Dangerous Enough (forthcoming from Presa Press 2014), Borrowed Logic (forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press 2014), From the Fool to the World (Parallel Press 2012) and They Sing at Midnight, which won the 2003 Many Mountains Moving Poetry Award and was published by Many Mountains Moving Press. A licensed psychotherapist, she has private practices in NYC and Nyack. She is also a visual artist and the creator of the Stone Tarot.

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