Issue 7.3



The Sushi Maker’s Daughter by Loren Stephens

Oasis by Roxanne Lynn Doty

The Gate at the Edge of the Desert by Caroline Bruckner

Viking 2 by Christian Hayden

A Comfortable Ending by Patricia Livermore

At the Periphery of the Dance Floor by Riccardo Savini

Shadowmate by Sam Grieve



Review: Night Watch by Mark Belair (2013) by Tim McLafferty



Astrology by Edward Butscher

Caravaggio by Edward Butscher

Drones by Edward Butscher

Brothers by Edward Butscher

Attic by Laurie Patton

Smack by Hilary Sideris

The Last Time by Hilary Sideris

Speedballs by Hilary Sideris

Small Town by Mark Belair

Snow Man by Mark Belair

A Curvature of Bone by Patty Dickson Pieczka

In the Wind by Patty Dickson Pieczka

Dream Catcher by Patty Dickson Pieczka

Five Poems by Simon Perchik

Law of the Jungle Gym by Michael Mark

This Is Falling by Michael Mark

Intimacy by Alison Stone

Acceptable by Alison Stone

Swimming with Frogs by Alison Stone

Broken by Alison Stone

Wild Parrots of Pasadena by Mary Natwick

Perfect by Ann Minoff

Piyyut by Michael Sandler

Marvel the Ocean by Eugenie Theall

This Is Ours by Missy Banyacski


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