By Ricky Garni

People talk about being touched by people

at funerals but wouldn’t it be nice if we

were all fingerprinted every day just like

at the police stations in the movies and

also probably in real life maybe before

we drink coffee in the morning if we

do drink coffee and orange juice if that

is what we drink and that way every day

or at least every night we would see who

we had touched with our presence before

going to bed early so we could wake up

early and have some coffee before going

to the police station or orange juice if

that’s what we do every morning before

we touch people tomorrow like we do.


Ricky Garni is a writer and graphic designer living in North Carolina. His work is widely available on the web, and he has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on five occasions. His books include My Favorite Fifteen Presidents, Maybe Wavy, and 2% Butterscotch. His latest collection, Hey, is dedicated to the memory of Faye Hunter.

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