Grace Dion: The Devil May Care

Jim Heskett: The Beard

Robin C. Curtiss: Down from Canada

George Dila: The End of the World

Jennifer Fosket: Reckless Burning

Ali Eteraz: Encased

Anthony J. Langford: I Cook the Sausages

C. Rochelle Weidner: A Party to Die For

Joanna Hoyt: The Way Out

Linda Niehoff: Down at the Crossroads

Charles Pinch: Goodnight Irene, Goodbye Nick

Sean Padraic McCarthy: Proteus’ Net


Amie Sharp: Prayers / Frances and Paul

Jeanine Stevens: Art Appreciation, Tenth Grade / Madeleine

Patricia Polak: What If After Trinity, the Sun Rose Square

Adreyo Sen: Fragile

Dave Nielsen: Dedication

David McAleavey: Tourism, Red Sea, 2010 / body politics, El Gouna Writers’ Residency

Scott Laudati: We Need the Bomb

John Sibley Williams: Surburban Myths

Alison Stone: Photograph Found on a Table / Rocks on Stone / Not on the List / Eating Worms

Simon Perchik: Untitled

Owen Lucas: 319 311 297

Jodi Adamson: Memory

Michele Alice: Two Poems

Bruce McRae: This Too Passes

David Kann: Ripe Fruit on Still Trees

Karol M. Wasylyshyn: A Sudden Vase of Roses

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