Wild Parrots of Pasadena

By Mary Natwick

They don’t belong here.


The way their voracious screams

devour the warbler’s sunrise poem.


The way their bullet-straight flight

destroys the curved dance of swallow and hawk.


The way their rapacious mouths slaughter the dangling fruit.

The way juices dribble and drip off their beaks.

The way they bully and break the soft-scented breeze.


It’s unnatural.


The way my ancestors

raped prairie topsoil with foreign crops.

The way their boots hit the ground.

Their axes.

Their guns.


Mary Natwick is still adapting to a year-ago move from a town of eight thousand to a city of eight million. Her poetry has recently been published in SalamanderSchuykill Valley Journal, and Bubble. Two poetry collections are available from Spoken Incense Press (www.spokenincense.com): waking a lover and Iron Pot.

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