By Jodi Adamson

Memory is a strange thing.

Like a busted TV

That alternates between frustrating static

And stark, clear images,

Usually of the shows

You have no wish to watch.

In the middle of a good part,

It switches

Over to something

You hate or fear.

Something annoying

Stuck on every channel.


Jodi Adamson received her BA from Huntingdon College and her pharmacy doctorate from Auburn University Pharmacy School. She works at a local retail pharmacy as a staff pharmacist. Along with her illustrator, Stacey Hopson, she has published an illustrated book entitled The Ten Commandments for Pharmacists, a humorous look at the world of pharmacy dos and don’ts.

Her poem, “The Artist,” was awarded honorable mention upon publication in Huntingdon College’s literary magazine, The Prelude. She also had her poetry reviewed by Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Clackamas Literary Review, The Griffin, The Old Red Kimono, RiverSedge, The Starry Night Review, and the anthologies Dreams of Steam III and It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.

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