Arthur Lindenberg: Les Yeux et les Rêves

JB Grant: End of a Journey

Marlene S Molinoff: River Running

Seyna Bruskin: The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

Emily Eddins: Will It Work Out?

Walter B Levis: Panic

Tim Gorham: Charity

Kate Berson: Almost Life

Cynthia Lim: A World of Pain

Mercedes Lucero: A Brief History of Open Windows

Chris Dungey: Half-Assed Science Project

David Lenoe: Mexican Red Bull

Mike Moreschi: Wild Green Pastures

Nancy Bourne: Waiting for Rose

Svetlana Kortchik: Superhuman

Lucy EM Black: Romaine Hearts

Lucas McMillan: Grand Opening

Casey Ark: Put Him Down

Liz McGinley: Amateur Hour

Donald Kenny: A Walk to the End of the Earth

Charles Haddox: Winter Nights


Summer Pierre: Artichoke | High Chair | Soup | Garbage Day


Emily Treakle-Chase: Precursor

John Grey: The Plagiarist

Erik Bendix: Paper Snow | Homage to Ivan Bilibin

Matt Hartman: America II

A Anupama: A Visit to the Gorge at Tolmin, Slovenia | Dance of the Gardener’s Hands

Murray Silverstein: At The Zoo | When Light Arrives | Mother Metaphor

Diane Webster: Laugh Screeches | Sides of the Fence | Need For Breeze

Demond Blake: fading polaroids

William Ogden Haynes: Erosion | Interpretations of the Heart | A Sonnet for the Affluent

Sydney Avey: First Times | Redeem the Gifts of Childhood

Anna Halberstadt: Disappearance

Daniel Gillespie: Forms of Death

Harvey J Baine: Skinny Sidewalk

Mimi Plevin-Foust: Star Magnolia | The Spear

Elya Braden: Asking For It | Back Side of the Shovel

Anton Frost: Backwards | griefs

SuzAnne C Cole: Tombs

Jed Myers: What I Didn’t Hear

Savannah Grant: Falohri

Bob DeWeese: The Telling

Cynthia Eddy: Snow | Rattle

John Harper: Pure | Losing Life | I | Mind

Peycho Kanev: Peter | 2:35 AM

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