Skinny Sidewalk

By Harvey J Baine

No oranges or reds,
a night speckled,
sidewalk speckled
running between two
houses near the sound
breaking, great eye
the ocean is breaking.

Willowy nightmares
dressed for weddings
are floating along the cracked

Over the shrill beats
stars stretch a curtain
blocking our spirits’
sprinting jets.
So we lay down soft
with dangerous beasts
warming our feet
under the big night
smooth as Jesus hands.


Harvey J Baine was born in the Mississippi Delta, passed his schooling boy years in the northeast, graduating from Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, PA. He has spent all his adult years bouncing between Mississippi, Virginia, and Florida, currently residing in Appomattox. At the University of North Florida he earned a B.A. in Literature, and at American University, he earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. While at AU he concentrated on prose and published a collection of short stories as his thesis, entitled Cat Histories. At present he is working on a novel. He has published in numerous journals, Café Review, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Skidrow Penthouse, Kestrel, Big Muddy, and others.

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