Issue 6.4



J.D. Hibbits: One Last Rockabilly Boogie

Jack King: Identification Please

Jaren Watson: The Jar

Peter Obourn: Marilee

Joseph Occhipinti: A Knob of Toromiro

James Seals: Swimming the Purgatoire

Michael Welch: Equal to Fertility


Jeanine Stevens: At the Ruins / Cave Pearls / Moonlight

Lyn Lifshin: Haven’t You Ever Wanted, Sometimes To / Drifting / All Afternoon We / Moving by Touch

Holly Day: The First Step

Mark Belair: Quiet

Ann Robinson: The Orchestra and Chorus from Soweto / Where Grade B Movie Actresses Go

Mark Parsons: What’s With This Anti-Touch Thing With You

Wayne F. Burke: Vacation. 2

Tom Pescatore: This is the first line of a novel

Patty Dickson Pieczka: Regression / Aubade

Ian C. Smith: From here to paternity

Timothy DeJong: A Flight of Sparrows

Celina Villagarcia: A Mother’s Effect on the World

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