A Visit to the Gorge at Tolmin, Slovenia

By A Anupama

We would not be permitted to see a quicksilver mine.
It just isn’t on the list of appropriate tourist activities.

We drive past a mountain where the oldest bear-bone flute was found
in a cave and dated to Neanderthal times, which we also cannot visit.

I wonder if people pretend to visit that obvious church at the mountain’s top
so they can hike down to the mouth, and into it. But we go to Dante’s cave,

which we are allowed to crawl into, getting our hands smeared with cave sweat,
which dries to a light brown when we hike down into the gorge. I photograph

the stone walls and the stream until I reach the place just below the cave where
a thermal vent is hidden in the water. The wildflowers are ready for their candids.


Born in the United States and raised in rural Ohio, A Anupama’s experience as a first-generation Indian-American woman gives a unique perspective to her writing. She graduated from Vermont College of Fine Arts with an MFA and received her BA in biological sciences from Northwestern University. She has been involved with medical publishing for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and legal publishing for the American Bar Association. An attendee of the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center fiction workshop with David Surface, she has worked with Ralph Angel, Leslie Ullman, and Jody Gladding. She has brought her love of yoga, Indian cooking, science, photography, and nature to her poetry.

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