Low Tide at Mussel Shoals

By Pamela Hammond

Morning’s first light

whittles away

unleashed dreams,

nestles into rivulets

of sand, where underneath

night still churns.

I slip down

into this otherworld,

stroll on newborn sand,

wade in shallow pools

teeming with tiny,

swift creatures.

A fizz of salt water

under my feet,

a birthplace

bristling with life

elicits change,

cell by cell.

Our future,

whatever it holds,

oozes through

my toes.



Pamela Hammond received her BA from UCLA and taught high school art for a period of time before leaving to raise a family. Simultaneously, she earned an MA in art, then continued teaching part-time at the college level. About ten years later, she began writing for the start-up art magazine Images and Issues, but eventually resigned in order to found her own periodical, Eye International. She quickly learned that she prefers writing over publishing and spent the next decade as a Los Angeles-based critic for ARTnews while serving as director of publications and public affairs at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

She has traveled extensively, at one point taking a leave of absence to live on New Zealand’s South Island. Her poetry has been published in two chapbooks, Clearing (2011) and Encounters (2012), both from Red Berry Editions.

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